Saturday, April 19, 2008

Any Ideas?

Next month, my RS lesson is "Gifts of the Spirit" from the Joseph Smith manual. This is a fabulous lesson and I'm really excited to teach it. It happens to fall on Mother's Day. And as a favor for all the moms, the men in the ward are covering Primay and YW so that every single woman in our ward can attend Relief Society that day.

All the women in our ward can be a pretty intimidating bunch. Now, I'm not one to intimidate easily and I wouldn't say that's what I'm feeling. I actually feel more honored that this happened to fall on my Sunday. I feel a great responsibility to uplift and inspire these women. They're leaving their stewards in the hands of the men to become my stewards so I want to make it special.

So if you haven't read the lesson, could you? And please pass on any ideas you have on how to present the lesson. Thanks for your help!

BYU Who?

My friend Misty is a Ute fan.

Actually, let me rephrase. My friend Misty is a University of Utah fanatic. There are only 3 things, that I've found that she loves more than the Utes.... her husband, her boys, and her dog. Other than those things, she lives for Ute football and basically anything waving the crimson flag.

She invited me to an Utah vs. BYU gymnastics meet. I thought it would be fun for the girls to go too. So the 3 of us, escorted by the Utes #1 fan, Misty went to the meet. It was so fun! Actually watching a meet live instead of on TV was great! The Utah team was in a totally different league. It was exciting to watch the routines, especially when someone "stuck it". It happened to be the last meet for 3 of their seniors so the stadium was packed and the crowd was great.

We had a great time- it was fun hanging out with my girls and Misty. And I even let Misty think she converted us...... until football season. :)

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Damn that Hannah Montana!

So the girls decided yesterday that they wanted to perform again in the Stadium of Fire. Since they have performed before, the dance studio's, owner Tresa was happy to make room for my girls without an audition. We dropped off a check and we're good to go.

Until..... I got online and tried to purchase a Stadium of Fire ticket! They are sold out! Rumor has it, they sold out in half an hour. What? This is crazy? In previous years, I didn't even buy my tickets until May or June. Well, guess who is performing? You got it- Mylie Cyrus! Now for those of you who aren't from around here you may not know that she performed in SLC about 6 months ago. That concert sold out in 6 minutes. So they added another concert night which sold out in about 1/2 day. A lot of these tickets ended up on Craigs List and Ebay for double or triple the cost.

So... Number 1: A lot of these people who bought SOF tickets don't even care about the event. They are not going to go. They are going to try to make a killing on the tickets that they bought. Number 2: I am not willing to allow my 10 and 9 year old girls go to the SOF without me in the stands. I'm not willing to pay $150 per child so that I can sit outside in the parking lot and wonder what they look like on the field.

Had we been prepared or decided to perform sooner we wouldn't have had this problem because the dancers of each studio had a chance to pre-purchase up to 5 tickets. The only reason my girls decided to do it was because the next door neighbor girl decided to and they, being veterans of the event, wanted to support her (the neighbor girl passed the audition but with a few conditions so she needs a little help) I'm proud of them for wanting to support her and do it with her. But now I've got a find way to get into the Stadium of Fire without paying another $300 for a ticket!

Here are my ideas so far:

1. E-mail all the radio stations and Good Things Utah to see if they'll take pity on me.

2. Talk to everyone I know to see if they have any connections whatsoever that can help me.

3. Let the Studio owner know that I need a ticket in case one of the other dancers' mom's has an extra ticket to sell. (I have already done this)

If you have any other suggestions, that would be great!

You know me, I will not stop without a ticket in hand.

Solemn Assembly

I don't typically wax spiritual on my blog (not intentionally really- just don't do it often) but I wanted to mention what an awesome experience this morning's session of General Conference was for me and my family. Usually on Saturday's we half-heartedly listen because we are taking care of Saturday chores, shopping, etc., but this weekend I wanted to make sure we sat down as a family for the sustaining of our new prophet, Pres. Monson.

I felt the spirit so strong when I was asked as a member of the Relief Society to stand up and sustain him. It also gave me a chance to bear that testimony to my children as Hannah and Haylee were asked to stand and sustain him as well. What a wonderful gift we are given to have the Holy Ghost to testify of truth and what a wonderful blessing to have a living Prophet! I'm grateful for my Savior and for the restored Gospel.

And on a lighter note, I'm grateful to have a break from church twice a year!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Water Logged

This was so adorable! I hollered to Haylee to bring me the camera- quick! He loves his baths- in fact I haven't had a kid that didn't love bath time. Anway- thought this was cute so I wanted to share.

April Fools!

So I thought I would do something fun for April Fool's Day. The boys actually thought it was dirt! They should make gummy worms brown- it would be more convincing.

Doggie Periods

OK- I know this is the last thing you guys want to read about but Sadie is on her period again. We have never gotten her fixed because we really wanted her to have puppies at least once. Well, I threw away her "panties" because she had outgrown them and never went to Petsmart to get a new pair. So, Ed and I being inventive, put her in a Pull-up. Well, actually, it's a Good Night-but same concept.

Oh! The things I do for this dog - we love our Sadie Lou!