Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Technology Impaired, but Grateful

In the age of cell phones, texting, instant-messaging, i-pods, blogs, etc., I've often felt handicapped. Since most of these things became mainstream in my late-twenties while I was busy having babies and figuring out how to pinch a penny- I've been lost.

However, lately, I've figured out how to use these mediums to do many worthwhile things and I'm so grateful!

Ed and I started texting each other when we have something to say throughout the day. It's been great for him since he works in a hospital and can't answer a cell phone. My mom and I text as well- we remind each other to watch American Idol, etc.

As you well know, I've been consistently posting messages on my own blog as well as checking my close friend's blogs almost every day. This has allowed me to become closer to them despite the thousand plus miles between us. I can even hear their voices as I read what they've written. I"ve been uplifted as they've shared their testimonies. I have felt awe at their amazing strengths and accomplishments. Most of all, I've felt love and acceptance.

Robin and I sometimes g-mail chat online - how wonderful that we can connect like this. Chatting is a great way to talk because you can multi-task at the same time. And if you ever wonder what I'm smokin' on my blog you surely don't want to g-mail chat- it's even crazier..... Robin can handle it though- she's an uber-IM'er!

And, occasionally, as I'm just getting into bed, Ed will hand me an earphone bud attached to his i-pod and play me a romantic, relaxing song. What a great way to fall asleep!

All of these devices and programs can surely get out of control quickly but when used for good purposes, and in moderation can really help you cope with life! I love technology. It still takes a back seat to a nice, handwritten, snail-mail card but I love the immediacy of it all.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sweet Serenity

Spanish Fork now has it's own little piece of Heaven. It's called Primrose Retreat- and it's a full-service Day Spa & Tea Room (Whatever tea room means. It sounds posh though, right?).

It's fabulous! I have been there 3 times. But tonight I had to take a picture because I went with Amberlyn and it's probably our last girls thing just with the two of us before she has her baby.

Tonight I had a peppermint pedicure- it's was wonderful and I'm going to wear flip-flops tomorrow to show off my beautiful feet. Nevermind that there is 3 feet of snow on the ground at my house. Nevermind that it's supposed to snow 5 out of the next 6 days.

I can't wait for all of you to visit me and we'll go together!

What more could a little boy ask for?

Little boy- not baby. Can you believe it? I can't. My baby is almost 2! Anyway, I found this on the camera today and thought it was the cutest thing ever. Ed said Aidan climbed up on the bean bag to read his "Cars" book and Sadie followed him up. Next thing you know, they are both fast asleep. A boy with his cars and his dog- what else is there?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

So What?

(New & Improved Version) As I was responding to Hilary's blog entry about scrap booking, I started thinking about how we (and maybe it's just me so from here on out instead of assuming it's you too, I'll refer to me) all have an over-achiever's complex. I seem to think that I should be able to do everything and be everything when it comes to anything motherly, wifely, or womanly. I look at what someone else has done or is doing and think to myself, "I should do that," or "I need to make time for that" or "If I was a good mom, wife or woman, I would do that." But why do I think this way? I am truly warped! I know that all women are different and have different strengths and I would never want any of you to look at something I do and feel bad that you're not doing it. So why do I continue to rake myself over the coals because I should be doing something that I'm not. Do I think I'm a super-human? Of course not! When I think through it instead of letting my super-hero, over-achiever self kick-in, I know that I'm on the right track- I know that my day is well-rounded and that by the time I fall into bed, I have done my best at every role I play in some one's life. And I am very secure- I know I'm capable, smart, worthwhile and let's not forget HOT! (I know I say this last part jokingly, but I really do look in the mirror and think I'm one good-looking chick- from the waist up). So I'm making a goal to be okay with my so whats.... I'm committing to not think I'm superwoman. Here are some of my so whats- feel free to share yours- it's therapeutic to say it out loud.

So what if I don't scrapbook- I have all the digital photos printed each year and place them in a numbered photo album chronologically. (This is what got me thinking)

So what if I don't cut coupons or belong to any grocery guru club. I shop for my family and make an effort to provide healthy snack choices for my kids and cook dinner almost every night.

So what if I don't refinish furniture or constantly think of ways to decorate my house. I take care of what I have and try to save for something new each year.

So what if I don't go to the gym everyday. I try to make good food choices and stay active.

So what if I'm not eloquent or diplomatic. I always make time for my friends and try to serve them. (This one sounded a little arrogant when I added the so what so I changed it a little.)

So what I don't sew, quilt, or crochet. I know how so when I do want to do those things, I can.

These are only a few- you get the idea. I'm going to try this the next time I feel like I'm not doing enough.

Monday, January 21, 2008

It's Mr. Ed & No, not the famous one (cuz he was a horse!)

Because I am a faithful follower of My Amazing Blogging friends, here is my answers to Tag, My Husbands It.

What’s his name? Edwin Carl Emil

How long have you been together? We got married on October 17, 1996 which is about how long we've been together since we never really dated first. Won't bore you with the details since you all know them.

How long did you date? We didn't. I'll quote Denise, "When you KNOW, you KNOW."

How old is he? 35 HAH HAH!

Who eats more? Him- always- so why the heck am I the fat one?

Who said I love you first? I don't remember- all of those normal dating rituals are a little hazy.... oh!- that's right because didn't follow any of the normal dating rituals.

Who is taller? Ed's 6'2" to my 5'6"

Who is smarter? Ed about anything medical, constructional, logical, or historical. Me in the common sense, I can remember things without a to-do list, kind of way.

Who does laundry? Ed does- on his days off. I put away the clothes.

Who does the dishes? Again, quoting Denise, "HELLO, the kids!"

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me- why are all you people trying to define it?

Who pays the bills? We do it together- a recent development.

Who mows the lawn? He does until our kids are old enough that I can say Hello! The kids.

Who cooks dinner? Generally me, although if I have a girls night out- he is not scared to take care of it.

Who drives when you are together? If I can't ride without making any comments, than I do.

Who is more stubborn? Duh- do I really need to answer this question? (It's me if any first-timers are reading)

Who kissed who first? Again- normal dating rituals? Not us. But I do remember our first kiss. It went something like this. From opposite sides of the room after we had just "decided" to get married. Amy: "So since we're going to get married, shouldn't we kiss?" Ed: "Ya.... I guess so." So we met in the middle and sealed the deal with a kiss. We've never looked back. We did look look around a little this past year. J/K We just had a pretty rough year last year.

Who proposed? He did, officially, 7 days after the above mentioned version of a marriage proposal.

Who asked out who first? He did. On August 27th, he asked me to go to the Mt. Timpanogos Temple Open House - he had tickets for Sept. 11th. We just happened to already be engaged by the time Sept. 11th rolled around. Here's the official timeline (all occurring in 1996):

August 22-24th: Met at a Branch campout in Moab

August 27th: Asked me out on a date

August 28th: Decided to get married

Sept 4th: Officially proposed to me at Deer Creek at Sunset

Sept. 11th: First Date

Oct. 17: Married

Mind boggling. Although something occurred to me while looking up these dates. (I always knew them by day and not date). One of our very good friends, Luther Smith, died in a car wreck on August 22nd. He was visiting his fiance's family in Atlanta when he hit a truck head-on going freeway speed. We attended his funeral, separately, on August 26th. Looking back, I wonder if the loss of Luther's life played a part in our urgency. Maybe we were more tuned to the Spirit because of this tragedy. Most often when someone attends the funeral of a friend you contemplate your own existence, your own purpose. So when God told me to marry Ed, I listened. Because I knew he knew what was best for me. And the only thing you know for sure in this life is that if you listen to God, everything will be alright.

Who has more siblings? Ed. He has 5 sisters- I only have one obnoxious little brother.

Who wears the pants in the family? Most people would say me- only because I'm more stubborn and I don't need to make a to-do list to get things done. But really, we wear the pants together- one on each leg. We're learning to manage the family and the kids together. Each of us is qualified and trusted to make everyday decisions regarding the kids and other misc. daily tasks. But on the big things, we decide together- usually each of us trying to persuade the other. There are definitly perks to being a woman and I do usually get what I ask for... and so does he... it's just that I usually ask for for more.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Alexander the Great

So Alex is great but made a not so great choice yesterday. He cheated at school. Some of you may be wondering what makes a First grader tempted to cheat..... recess. So Alex has daily homework that he turns in every morning. Apparently, if you don't turn it in, you cannot go to morning recess. He is supposed to finish the homework page every day after school and put it in his homework folder inside his backpack when he is finished so he is not scrambling around trying to find stuff before school. Yesterday morning at 8:30, be began looking for his homework folder and couldn't find it. You know about how much effort a first grader puts into looking. I've helped him out before but I felt it was time for him to be accountable and I try really hard to not be one of those "rescue-ing moms". So he went to school unprepared. I never dreamed he'd would turn in someone else's homework so he could go to recess! Obviously, I found about his behavior after school- we had a long talk- he felt the weight of making a wrong choice and was very emotional. At dinner time, this was his "Low" - that he cheated. I also made him admit his wrong-doing to his father and apologize to his teacher. I hope he has learned his lesson. When I was is first grade, I stole a Little Kitty eraser out of some one's desk in another class and put it in my own desk. After lunch, I pulled out my new eraser and showed everyone. I think that's how I got caught- everyone knew I hadn't ran to the store during lunch time.

Hannah Canna

do anything.... she is a very talented young lady. But the thing I've always loved most about my firstborn is that she didn't know she was different than any other kid. She thought every kid her age could ride a two-wheeler bike when they were 2 years old (thanks to Denise). But lately, she is starting to realize that she is extraordinary and is getting a borderline superiority complex. I know it's because of school, dance and church teachers who praise her incessantly. She getting her first taste of adults besides her parents thinking she is fabulous. I want her to know she is special but not feel prideful and superior. I want her to feel confident but not arrogant. I don't know how to do this... but the good news is she still thinks I'm fabulous which allows for some pretty cool conversations. I guess as long as she is still talking and sharing things with me we still have a shot.

High & Low

I've been struggling with enjoying dinner time and with the start of a new year, I've re-committed myself to making dinner every night with the intention of making meal time true family time. I heard something in Relief Society that I thought might help and tried it out. It's called High & Low. Around the dinner table, each family member shares with everyone the best thing and the worst thing that happened to them that day. The kids have loved it and dinner time is now one of my favorite times during the day. It gives us a chance to connect daily with the kids about their lives. If there is something we need to speak more in depth about, I can make time for that child later on in the evening. I love that as the kids get older, I want to spend time with them- as opposed to counting down the days until my next Girls Night Out.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Getting Together

Robin asked when we were all getting together in a comment so I thought I'd take the lead and start the conversation. I think we should plan on somewhere easy for all of us to get too like Vegas or California and sometime after June (since Denise and Robin are available to leave home around June). We could even do one of those short cruises that go along the Southern shore of California. Or if we needed to be budget-savvy, we could stay in Vegas. Obviously, this conversation started with Denise, Robin and I but we would love it if Hilary and Theresa and others could join us. (Dory and Amberlyn included!) It's all about somewhere for us all to connect and hang out because we are Moms and we need vacations! Anyway, feel free to leave your suggestions and let's get it planned!

BTW- The past get-togethers have been a blast! I promise you will have fun- laugh alot, eat alot and relax a lot. You will not want to miss our slumber-party conversations for sure!

Monday, January 14, 2008

We Love the Wii!

Santa brought our family a Wii for Christmas and it's a total blast! We played it tonight for family home evening. In fact, this the 2nd week in a row we've played it for FHE. Who needs to go to a bowling alley when you can bowl at home with Mii's that look just like you? We've waited 10 years to get a gaming system and I'm so glad this is the one we chose! It's great family time and everyone loves to play it. It's very inter-active and the thing I love most about it is you don't just sit there and play it- you have to get up and move around. We're all a little goofy over this new toy.....

My little "Frogger"

Aidan loves his baths! Especially with his new towel!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I've Been Tagged

A. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
B. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

10 years ago: (Jan 1998) Ed and I had a month old baby and were living in an apartment in Pleasant Grove. We were tag-team parenting to avoid putting Hannah in Daycare. Wow.... we were broke! But happy- and I can't believe the things I didn't know back then.

5 things on my to-do list today:
1. Finish my Relief Society Lesson
2. Catch up on my blogging- as per Denise's instructions.
3. Get ready for another fun-filled week!
That's all I have because today is Sunday and I don't make to-do lists on Sunday.

Snacks I enjoy:
Anything chocolate
Crackers and Spinach Dip

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. Buy a cabin
2. Buy a Corvette
3. College funds for my own kids and anyone else I could help
4. Pay off my mortgage
5. Vacation everywhere

3 of my bad habits:
1. Biting my fingernails
2.Impulsive decisions
3.Quick Judgements (although you know I'm usually right!)

5 places I have lived:
1. Wichita, KS
2. Rexburg, ID
3. Las Vegas, NV
4. Provo, UT
5. Spanish Fork, UT

5 jobs I have had:
1. Administrative Asst.
2. Retail salesperson
3. Executive Asst.
4. Owned a paper route
5. Owner's Asst.
(Man- I sure do a lot of assisting.....)

5 things people don't know about me:
Let's get real.... all of you know just about everything about me. I really can't think of anything- that's because I'm a blabbermouth and what I think.... I speak. So- here is a lame attempt:
1. I have always wanted to write a book
2. I have always wanted to move to Hollywood and become famous
3. I love to dance
4. I love to drive really fast- when I'm by myself.... I'm crazy and I love it! I especially love to drive that canyon between St. George and Vegas- ooh baby I need a decent car to drive it in- not so fun in the Caravan.
5. I was a diver in High School

I tag Amberlyn, Hilary & I'm re-tagging Dory because she didn't post it after Robin tagged her!