Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Draper Temple Open House

We attended the Draper Temple Open House with the Woods on Saturday. It was such a great experience. Of course, "great" is a relative term meaning the best that could be expected when you're waiting for 2 hours with 10 children. It would have been 11 children but Alex went and stayed at Grandmas house because he was really sick. (He and I are going to the Temple tomorrow morning so he can have a chance to see it).
Us 4 adults did so good staying calm during all the meltdowns and the kids reported the following day what their favorite rooms in the Temple were. The most popular answers were the Celestial Room, the Baptismal Font, the Sealing Room and the Bride's Room. (What little girl doesn't just fall in love with the bride's room, huh?)
It was a special day for me (see next post) and I will definitely be increasing my Temple attendance this year.

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Amberlyn said...

I didn't think I handled myself all that well. It was worth the effort and I'm sure the kids will remember it for the rest of their lives.